32x32  How to Plant Potted Plants 

So you’ve received potted plants for the first time and you are not sure what to do. Check this guide to get step by step instructions on how to introduce plants that come in 2″ pots.

32x32  Aquarium Lighting Instructions

This post will help you understand the basics for proper aquarium lighting. A must read for beginners in aquascaping.

32x32  Fertilizers and Nutrients 

Aquarium plants can greatly benefit from the addition of plant food. But it is important to understand the basics so as to avoid over-dosage.

32x32  CO2 in Aquariums

Understand the role CO2 plays in the planted aquarium. How should CO2 be introduced to an aquarium and what is the proper amount.

32x32  Algae Management

Prevent algae from taking over a planted aquarium. Understand the reasons behind algae proliferation and how to best manage it.